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Our founder, Brian, has always had a passion for helping others and enjoys bringing the community together. He’s been involved in the cannabis community most of his life and has always had positive experiences with the magical herb. Brian started in the medical marijuana field (pun intended) in 1999. That’s right, we started growing last century! For over 15 years, Brian fed his passion for cannabis, music, and bringing people together to enjoy life, love, and an occasional joint. Over the years, Brian fine-tuned his growing techniques, developing a dedicated following. Patients raved about the quality of flower produced by Brian and his crew and slowly the legend grew. When recreational cannabis became law, Brian shifted his focus to serving more of the public, with plans of spreading the BeWonderful message all over Portland.


It only seemed natural that DJ B-One (Brian) continue with the theme of uniting everyone. Brian came up with the idea of using his stage name, B-One as his new business name. A couple of letters later and history was made. The name may have changed, but the concept is the same. We want to unite people through the simple joy of cannabis. Brian believes we are stronger together and continues to bring people together. Everyone knows it’s more fun to party with your friends and we have many! Our 420 events unite everyone with the sole objective of spreading love and friendship. B-One? Be Wonderful…

About BeWonderful Wellness Center

BeWonderful Wellness Cannabis Dispensary and Farm were conceptualized in 2015 as the marketplace was transitioning from medical to recreational cannabis in the state of Oregon. Our owner Brian Hall, aka BeWonderful, has been an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient and cardholder since 1999. Brian helped get the measure for medical marijuana on the Oregon ballot in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The measure for medical marijuana in the state of Oregon was eventually won and began issuing medical patient and caregiver cards in 1998. This was the first year of the medical marijuana program in Oregon.

Brian has always loved working with, being around, and of course, smoking, vaping, and ingesting cannabis-infused concentrates, edibles, and products. Throughout the years, his relationship to the plant and medicine it holds has grown significantly. Brian believes in the core value of the cannabis plant being further than monetary and holds true to a spiritual aspect and health value of the plant and medicine.

Cannabis is a lifestyle, a culture, an essential oil, and a medicine for the people. Brian is an herbsman and representative of the people, bringing quality organic medicine to medical patients and recreational customers alike. BeWonderful is here to provide community services in THC and CBD that are rare and extra special for the clients and vendors that come into the dispensary to shop and do business. Brian opened BeWonderful Wellness Center on April 17th, 2018 and came in strong supporting the cannabis community in Portland with a great selection of farms, concentrates, and edible vendors to choose from, as well as some insane deals for 420! BeWonderful has been known to make a deal and is more about customer satisfaction than the bottom line. BeWonderful is about love!

We’re here to build up our community and support those that choose to support us. If you like what you find, tell a friend! If you find something you don’t love, tell us–we are here to make it right! We pride ourselves on repeat business and happy faces!

BeWonderful has been open to the public since 2018, building loyal customers and bringing quality products at excellent prices. We dispense cannabis flowers and products to the public seven days a week. Come into BeWonderful to check out our selections and support your local small business.

What our customers are saying

M. Ianders-Marlow

These guys are always helpful! I have been going here since they opened, and can’t imagine shopping anywhere else! Thanks guys!

S. Carson

Best little shop of buds for true smokers. The staff and owner make it worth your while!

M. Stanwood

Great little dispensary. Awesome staff with plenty of knowledge. Great prices and a huge selection of dab oils, edibles, and flower. I will definitely be back!!

J. Stewart

Got top notch product and impeccable service from Brian and at a great price at that. Be wonderful wellness takes care of there medical patients and thats why I will be a regular from now on.

R. Perman

Great shop and great staff. Great selection of literally everything, I’m so stoked to live down the street from this shop! They support great farms too!

M. Martinez

Every time I’ve come in to Be Wonderful, I’ve had great customer service. The staff is super responsive. They always help me find whatever I’m interested in trying. Thank you for always being wonderful!

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