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Be Wonderful Wellness Center offers a wide variety of cannabis products. Whether you prefer flower or edibles, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. We stock the best products available in Oregon and pride ourselves on the quality of our flower. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value we offer along with specials that really are “special”. Be sure to ask your bud tender about our rewards program and don’t forget to, “Be Wonderful”. Here’s a quick break down of our products.


It’s hard to beat old-school flower!

Flower has always been an Oregon favorite. The aroma, the taste, there’s a reason flower is so popular. Be Wonderful prides ourselves on our fine selection of quality flower. We also have some of the best value on the market today with unbelievable savings available when purchasing larger quantities. So, what exactly is flower?

Flower is pretty much like what the name says, flower! The cannabis plant produces flowers just like a tomato and basically that’s what you’re smoking. There are many varieties of cannabis available and everyone has a unique aroma, flavor and effect and no two strains are exactly the same. Consumers are a unique bunch of people and not every strain will have the exact same effect on everyone. It may take a little trial and error to find your cannabis “sole-mate”. I think we need a new word here, how about, “cannamate”!

Although choosing cannabis has become quite complex recently, we can still break down the strains into the basics. These categories are selected based on cannabis origins and attributes than more accurate methods like terpene content, but it gives us a well-known foundation to start with.

Flower Types

Here are the main strain categories.

Indica – Known for its broad leaves and short, stocky stems. Indica strains were bred for hashish production and produce most of the heavy hitters we see today. The term “Kush” comes from the Hindu Kush region of Central and South Asia near Nepal and India. This high mountain Indica strain that has been selectively breed by mountain tribes for over 5000 years. Seeds of the Hindu Kush were brought to Humboldt County in the 1960’s from explorers traveling in Kashmir. The mixture of these seeds and the perfect climate of Northern California created some of the dankest strains we have on Earth. Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Master Kush, the list goes on and on.”

Indica strains are usually Myrcene dominant and known for creating the nice, mellow high many are familiar with. Great for movie night or a walk through the woods, Indicas are always a great choice to take the edge off.

Sativa – Most Sativas trace their roots back to the equatorial regions of South America, Africa and Asia. The South American, Mexican and African strains have long, narrow leaves with thin stocks stretching for the sky. Many of these strains have genetics from hemp production and tend to have a completely different terpene profile than the Indicas. If you’ve ever heard of Acapulco Gold or the famed Columbian Gold you already are familiar some of the best. The Asian Sativas can be short and bushy with smaller, narrow leaves. The famed Thai Stick with that spicy chocolate flavor come to mind. The effects of some Sativas can be quite energetic. If you need to clean the house, wash the car or mow the lawn, choose a nice Sativa and dance the chores away!

Hybrids – What if you wanted the best of both worlds? Hybrids are a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains. Most of the legendary strains find themselves in this category. Hybrids can lean both ways so you may find enjoying an Indica dominate hybrid over the other popular options. Again, the best way to find your strain of choice is to try it out. No one can tell you how you feel better than yourself!


Concentrated Cannabis at it’s best!

Concentrates are basically just concentrated cannabis. Producers use several different methods to extract just the best parts from the cannabis plants. This give the consumer all the effects, aroma and flavor in just one small dose. Concentrates can be broken down into Oil, Hash/Kief and pens. Oil can further be broken down into shatter, sugar wax, budder, crumble and live resin. Pens are increasingly becoming the choice for many consumers. The convenience and ease of use make them a no-brainer for even the pickiest connoisseur.


Convenient and tasty!

If smoking or vaping are not your bag of tea, then edibles just might be the ticket. Cookies, gummies, snacks and more all round out the list of cannabis infused edibles. Edibles are known to induce a mellow, long term high. The effects take a while to come on, but the wait is worth it. When you need to consume cannabis discreetly or need long term medication, edibles can’t be beat.


Liquid Cannabis!

Tinctures are made from soaking cannabis materials in some sort of liquid solution. Alcohol is the most popular and can be used orally or rubbed directly into the sore muscles. Many tinctures are high in CBD which is known to help with inflammation, pain and swelling.


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